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We prepare large-scale projects according to the special needs of the customer. The professional team is ready to advise, develop and implement the best solutions for applying artificial turf to landscapes, universal sports or children's playgrounds, football fields and tennis courts. We offer complete installation, from base preparation to top layer, maintenance services, as well as renovating, renewing and washing of the surfaces.


There are a variety of techniques that can be used to install artificial turf sports pitches, and the specific technique that is best suited for a particular project will depend on a number of factors, including the type of sports system being installed and the unique characteristics of the site. It's important to carefully consider these factors in order to ensure that the artificial turf is installed correctly and performs optimally. The system concept involves combining a substructure, top layer, and infill in order to create a functional and durable artificial turf sports pitch. The top layer is made up of the artificial grass fibers and is what is visible to players and spectators. The infill is a layer of material, such as sand and rubber, that is placed between the top layer of artificial grass fibers and the substructure. The sand infill helps to support the fibers and provide a consistent playing surface. Rubber infill softens the surface and strengthens the efficiency. We can help you to consider and choose the materials that are suitable for the specific sports system and site conditions in order to achieve the best possible performance and durability.


It's important to keep in mind that although artificial turf requires less maintenance than natural grass, it still needs to be properly cared for in order to maintain its performance and lifespan. Day-to-day maintenance tasks, such as removing debris and leaves, can help to keep the artificial turf clean and free of debris that could affect its performance. It's also important to periodically check the infill level and add more infill as needed to ensure that the artificial grass fibers are properly supported and the playing surface is consistent. Special maintenance, such as deep cleaning and brushing, can also help to extend the lifespan of the artificial turf and keep it in optimal condition. It's important to carefully consider the maintenance needs of the specific sports system and site in order to develop an effective maintenance plan that will keep the artificial turf in good condition. Our job is to ensure that the necessary maintenance is performed on a regular basis.


It's important to keep in mind that even with proper maintenance, artificial turf fields will eventually experience wear and tear and may need to be renovated or replaced in order to maintain their performance and safety. The frequency of renovation will depend on a number of factors, including the intensity of use, the type of sports system, and the specific site conditions. Regular inspections and assessments can help to identify when renovation is necessary and allow you to plan for the work in advance. We can provide objective advice on the best course of action and help you to identify any potential issues or challenges that may arise during the renovation process. By choosing us, you can be sure that your artificial turf field is restored to top-quality condition and meets the latest standards.