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J&E Sports Baltic is a part of the Dutch capital company J&E Sports, which started offering artificial turf solutions in Lithuania in 2017. The J&E Sports Baltic company has a strong foundation and a lot of international experience in the artificial turf industry, can offer the Lithuanian market the highest quality products, experienced and qualified employees, professionalism and the implementation of exceptional solutions. Our team's expertise, adaptability, and organizational skills are key assets that have contributed to our company‘s success in providing artificial turf solutions both domestically and internationally. Our main goal is to prioritize high productivity and top-quality results when it comes to the installation of artificial turf. These are important factors to consider in order to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain an impeccable reputation in the market.


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Our mission and focus is on customer satisfaction in our business. We aim to build close partnerships with the clients and implement comprehensive projects, from the selection of the most suitable materials to the maintenance of the equipped spaces. Taking the time to fully understand our customers’ needs and preferences can go a long way in ensuring the success of the projects and building long-term relationships. It is very important for us to constantly improve our services and raise the qualification of the employees in order to stay competitive and provide the best possible experience for our clients. By focusing on innovation and applying new techniques we maintain our position as one of the market leaders.


Over the years and with the development of technology artificial turf for landscaping and sport fields has gained a strong position in the market. Constantly improving quality and increasing demands for high standards are the future of the artificial turf market. As one of the leaders of this market our vision is to respond as quickly as possible to the changing market and its needs, search for creative solutions, retain qualified employees and create space for innovation.


Thanks to a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees who are able to provide high-quality installation services for artificial turf projects. Using the latest, efficient multifunctional equipment and adhering to quality standards such as FIFA, FIH, ITF, and IRB can help to ensure that our installations meet the highest standards and specific needs of each location. It's important to carefully consider the unique characteristics of each project and take the time to ensure that the artificial turf is installed correctly in order to maximize its performance and lifespan. Our company takes a professional and thorough approach to installation, which is an important factor in delivering the best possible service to our clients.

Responsible view

In order to improve the company's environmental protection management system, ensure successful and purposeful development of the company, stable and competitive position in the market, we aim to:

Strengthen relations with customers and suppliers whose approach to environmental protection, responsibility and customer satisfaction coincides with our approach;

Increase employees' environmental awareness, reduce the company's negative impact on the environment, carry out pollution prevention, by handling waste safely and responsibly;

Rational use of energy and natural resources;

Follow the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and other normative documents regulating business and environmental protection;

Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the environmental protection (EN ISO 14001) management system by collecting, analysing and discussing the implementation of the set goals.


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