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We maintain and renovate all types of artificial grass, from landscape to sports fields such as tennis, football, golf, rugby or field hockey.

For maintenance and renovation of artificial grass it is important to have specially designed professional equipment. Please note that artificial grass which was not maintained properly needs a full renovation. This process requires a special method and equipment which is not very popular among many companies. For most part, companies use the same technique as for basic maintenance. However, if you want to have a full renovation, you need to use different methods. Our company has professional equipment both, for maintenance and renovation. 

Athletics Track Cleaning

Maintenance of Tennis Courts 

Cover of tennis courts that was unattended for a long period of time becomes very solid and slippery. Professional tennis players use a slang for such court and call it 'concrete base'. This change of the court happens due to the constant movement of the filling which is inside of artificial grass covering. Over time, the filling decay and turn into dust that eventually become very solid. This affects properties of the shock absorption and the bounce of ball, so playing on such covering is less fun. Also, there is a higher risk of slipping or having a trauma.

To ensure the highest quality of your game and avoiding any injuries, we recommend you to have a professional maintenance of tennis courts at least once a year. In this way, tennis courts will retain their original quality for the longest time possible.

Depending on condition and quality of artificial grass, we recommend you to have a deep cleaning of the grass every few years. Whatever the poor condition of artificial grass covering would be, deep cleaning will help to regain its original quality.

Maintenance of Artificial Turf Football Pitch

If football field with artificial grass is not maintained, synthetic grass fibres fold together, bend down and the grass becomes like one continuous whole. Such cover is solid and slippery, while professional football players describe it as 'a pool table'.  

Synthetic Turf & Infill Removal

Call our specialists to evaluate the condition of artificial grass covering in your sports field.