Installation of Golf Course

Our company offers you to have your personal rolling field. This is a smaller version of a golf course just outside your doors. Take a step outside of your house and you already roll the ball into the first hole in your golf course. Can you believe that? Golf is known as a game that helps us to relax, calm down our mind and feel grateful for this moment. In a golf field you will definitely forget about your daily worries and problems.

You can play alone or with your family and friends. Golf field is also known as a perfect place to have business or personal meetings. It does not only cause excitement but also helps to improve communication skills.

We ensure that your new golf course will be so compact that it will naturally blend in with the landscape. Your new golf course will be a perfect place to relax. Besides that, our artificial grass looks as natural as a real grass! The only difference is that with artificial grass you will have more time to concentrate on the game rather than maintenance.