Installation of Artificial Grass Tennis Courts 

Regarding the changing weather conditions, artificial grass for tennis courts is the most popular choice for outdoor courts. The main advantages: 

Good drainage 

Thanks to its excellent drainage properties, tennis court with artificial grass dries quickly after a rain and allows you to enjoy playing on a wet ground. With such a facility, you will be able to play tennis both in the sunshine and light rain or just after the rain. 

Safe for joints

Artificial grass covering is also known for its good shock absorption. This means that the load on the body during the play is damped, which results in less damage for your joints.

Shock absorption
Shock absorption
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Although artificial grass tennis courts require special maintenance, it is not particularly difficult. Artificial grass for tennis courts is in line with professional tennis standards but the maintenance does not require a lot of hard work. Therefore, artificial grass covering for tennis courts is widely used by individuals and sports clubs worldwide.

When installing a fence, plan a passage for a small tractor to drive in so once you need your artificial grass renovation, you would not have any problems. During maintenance, artificial grass of tennis court is combed with a special brush that is pulled by a small cubic tractor. 

Classified according to the ITF standards 

J&E Sports Baltic sell artificial grass which is certified and classified according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standards, making it ideal for both professional and amateur players. 

How to select the best artificial grass covering for your tennis court? 

Type of artificial grass fibres 

When choosing artificial grass covering, you should pay attention to the type of cover fibre which can be fibrillated or monofilament.

During the time, the fibrillated type artificial grass covering splits into many fine bristles. It may also brake or crack which is likely to give it the properties of concrete (hard and slippery base). Ultimately, such changes can affect the quality of your game. 

Monofilament fibres, on the other hand, remains solid for a longer period of time. Consequently, this type of grass covering is more expensive than fibrillated.

Height of the artificial grass covering

The height of artificial grass covering for tennis courts varies from 8 mm to 24 mm. The choice of height usually depends on the purpose of the field.

For a professional tennis court, it is suggested to choose the height between 8-12 mm. Relatively small height (8-12 mm) of artificial grass is favourable for a good bounce of tennis ball. However, the shock absorption properties are inferior. Therefore, it increases the load on your joints. Short artificial grass covering for tennis courts is more suitable for training and competition of professional players.

Higher artificial grass covering (18-24 mm) has better shock absorption and drainage properties. Therefore, the long fibre cover is ideal for private areas that are set up close to home. 

Multi-purpose sports fields
Multi-purpose sports fields

Multi-purpose sports fields

Artificial grass covering can have additional lines. In this case, tennis court can also be used for basketball, football, badminton or volleyball. For multi-functional sports fields it is suggested to use artificial grass with higher fibres (18mm - 24mm).

Do you like playing tennis on a hard court?

In this case, we suggest you to choose a special artificial grass with a red sand filler. This type of artificial grass covering was specially designed to imitate a feeling of playing on a hard court. From now on you can enjoy playing on a hard surface and avoiding many issues of maintenance that are typical for a real hard court. Easy maintenance - you just enjoy your game!

J&E Sports Baltic can offer you highest quality artificial grass as well as professional installation, maintenance and renovation services. We always choose only the top-quality artificial grass. Therefore, we consult, offer, install and maintain the most suitable artificial grass for tennis court that will meet your needs and local conditions. Our production varies from artificial grass for multi-functional sports field to artificial grass with a red sand filler that create a feeling of playing on a solid ground. You will not only enjoy your game but also feel happy about the overall quality of the court.

Artificial grass for tennis courts that we use is in line with the highest quality standards and certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Artificial grass for your personal tennis courts and city sports fields.

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